Overcome crippling anxiety and gain full control over your constantly racing mind in less than 30 minutes a day

Discover the seven "secrets" to inner-bliss I learnt from two decades of meditation study and practice

Are you crippled by anxiety? A simple technique practiced for few minutes a day can eliminate anxiety.

Find concentrating on even simple tasks impossible with a constantly racing mind? Gain mastery over your thoughts through mindfulness and double your concentrative power.

Feeling trapped in the ‘boiler-room’ at work? Learn how to handle any amount of stress and pressure with ease.

Hi, I am Kushan, founder of do-meditation.com. It took me 20 years of diligent study and constant practice to discover the real secrets of finding inner-bliss.

Many books often quote meditation as the sure path to happiness. Unfortunately, they only tell you ‘what’ meditation is without explaining ‘why’ meditation leads to lasting peace, calm and joy, and ‘how’ to derive the maximum benefit from it.

Meditation-Hacker: 7 Ancient Secrets to Crack the Inner-Bliss Code details the most realistic and practical approach to integrating meditation into your daily life, so you could start enjoying its numerous benefits.

How did I discover this unique approach to meditation? 

During the first few years of my meditation practice, I followed every bit of advice and did my best to meditate regularly, but made little headway.

Conflicting systems and ideologies, where one ordained sitting for hours (who had the time for that?) while another recommended only a few minutes a day (really? Buddha must have been dim to waste six years of his life then!), left me totally confused.

My usual mental state was like a yo-yo, switching from ‘floating in the air’ feelings to ‘down in the dump’ feelings, within a span of few minutes.

With recurring professional setbacks, strained relationships, depression, surgeries and endless illnesses, there was no end to the roller coaster ride of racing thoughts and gut-wrenching emotions.

I did experience some of meditation’s benefits, but couldn’t make them last. I had a glimpse of the inner calm and joy that was possible through meditation, so I didn’t give up.

It was massively frustrating to put so much effort into my practice without seeing more significant and longer lasting results.

But, I stuck with it and intensified my efforts. I only needed to figure out a way of making meditation’s benefits last.   

I tried more techniques, read everything I could find on the subject, observed different masters and their systems, and applied the lessons learnt to my practice.

Through repeated trial-and-error, I gradually developed a more comprehensive and successful approach to meditation best suited to me, and hopefully to people in the same situation as me.

As I began to use and refine my new approach, I experienced amazing results in all areas of my life.

Here are some examples of my results using the novel approach I share with you in the book:

  1. The relentless stress and anxiety of my trading job, all but disappeared 
  2. Productivity skyrocketed - I earned three financial charters while continuing to work full-time. And I took half the number of years than those who were studying full-time toward those charters
  3. My body ‘grew younger’ by ten years.  Where earlier, I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without losing my breath; I could finish a full-marathon without even seriously training for it. I now do Iron-Mans.
  4. Control my reactions by becoming more aware of my thoughts and feelings
  5. Relationships improved because I could genuinely empathize and connect with people

I have tested and refined the wisdom of these seven "secrets" so that they really work.

Meditation-Hacker: 7 Ancient Secrets to Crack the Inner-Bliss Code is your complete, step-by-step success guide to witness a total transformation in your life, if you put in the work.

It explains the seven "secrets" in detail and how you can apply them to your life today to see massive results.

The seven secrets are distilled from learnings gained after sifting through countless books, constant experimentation and regular application over two decades.

You don’t have to go through the same learning curve I did to figure out what really works. I have already done it for you.

Read the book, meditate for 30 minutes every day, and see your life transform. Do it regularly though.

What you will find in Meditation-Hacker?

  • Why it is critically important to fully understand the theory and concept of meditation BEFORE starting.         
  • The importance of having a regular meditation practice and how a daily practice will leapfrog your success.
  • How conditions in your environment can sabotage your best intentions and how to get them to work in your favor.
  • The biggest challenge you need to overcome before meditation’s benefits can manifest in your life.
  • How to find the right Master and Sangha without falling prey to a cult.
  • The best meditation practice in the world is useless unless you open yourself up for receiving. Learn how to let spiritual grace in.
  • How to stop tying yourself in knots and overcome your problems.

There are 9 cartoons in the book. They provide visual relief as you read the contents, but more importantly, they serve as a memory trigger. Each cartoon will help you visually remember one of the secrets.

What is different about Meditation-Hacker?

Unlike other resources that discuss meditation at an intellectual level, Meditation-Hacker gives you clear and practical tools on how to integrate meditation successfully into your busy, modern lifestyle.

The book also explains why all of these tools work.

So, you can always go back and check what you did correctly and what you missed. You will know for yourself whether you are doing it right or not.  

Meditation-Hacker is not a laundry list of arbitrary secrets. There is no randomness. The book is a structured system with a step-by-step progression to help you succeed at meditation.

The system was developed and fine-tuned by a regular person like you, living in the real world – someone with a family, a full-time job and a gazillion other commitments. It has been tested and proven to work for the modern person.

The Boddhisattva Guarantee

Take your time to read, absorb and implement the information. If you find the information is not suitable and not working for you, simply adapt what works best for you and ignore the rest.

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