Law of Attraction Meditation

"Dream the impossible‚Ķthen live so that the dream is fulfilled" - Mairead Maguire 

Law of attraction meditation is to help you actualize your intentions. 

If you read other parts of this website, you will realize that I am not a big fan of using meditation for obvious material benefits.

That said, I understand that the material and the spiritual are but two sides of the same coin, and without both existing in equal measure, it is hard to live a balanced life.      

So, practicing law of attraction meditation is not necessarily 'bad' as long as you keep the 'complete picture' in mind.

Let's get started.

  • Focus 

Settle and calm your mind by taking a few deep breaths, before beginning the meditation. Without a clear mind, you will not be able to focus on your intention. 

  • Define

The fundamental premise of the meditation is that the more clarity you have about your intention, the quicker and more accurate the final outcome.

For example, intending to have an income of $500,000 per annum is more powerful than just intending to be rich.  

Always define your intention as specifically as possible.

  • Visualize

Imagine yourself living the kind of life you will have after achieving your dream.  

Notice your mood, feelings and behaviour once you already have what you are setting out for.

What kind of environment will you be in? What kind of clothes will you be wearing? How would you look? How would your lifestyle be?

Your visualization should be elaborate incorporating numerous elements.

  • Immersion

Activate all your senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, when you do the visualization above.

You need to experience it at a visceral level. Your body should as much be a part of it, as your mind. 

As you immerse yourself in the experience, you integrate it at multiple levels - sub-conscious, conscious and physical. This has the effect of stimulating your entire being into taking the necessary steps to reach the goal.  

  • Repetition

The higher the frequency with which you practice this meditation, the faster the end result. Do it as many times as possible, at least daily, until the imagined future becomes reality. 

The first few times will be slow, but as you gain practice, it will come easily to you and your imagination will become vivid.

The more vivid the imagination, the quicker the results.

You can combine the principles of law of attraction meditation with those of yoga nidra meditation, thereby achieving double benefits of realizing your intention and of mindfulness at the same time. `  

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