Different Types of Meditation - Which one is Your Type?

"The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life" - Sogyal Rinpoche

Before we discuss the different types of meditation, let us first address the question - why meditate?

If I were you, I would wonder why should one even bother?

What can one possibly get out of it?

Meditation is to free ourselves from the prison of unawareness.

We meditate to come back to that thing within us that we lost long ago without realizing what it was and how and when we lost it.

Meditation provides access to the deeper recesses of our mind, to the 'unconscious' mind that carries in it the seed for unbounded love and compassion for all living beings, to the knowledge that we are enslaved only by our habitual reactions to occurrences and not the occurrences themselves, and ultimately to the realization that we are inseparably one with the universe.

There are numerous types of meditation that you can pursue according to your unique likes and preferences.

Contrary to what most followers of a particular meditation type will have you believe, there is no one 'right' way to meditate.

Just as there are many different types of physical exercise regimen available, depending upon individual needs and capabilities, there are myriad programs of meditation existing to suit different inclinations.

Pick one that you like best. Then stick with it.

Like a good physical exercise program, a good meditation program requires repeated hard work to show results. You will be disappointed if you expect immediate, dramatic results.

It is nature's law that growth and serious change do not come this way, no matter what meditation type you choose. Moreover, (and here I take the liberty of speaking on your behalf, dear reader) we are interested in stable evolution, not disruptive revolution.

I guarantee you will see changes in yourself, if you follow a program consistently.

With regular meditation practice you will find an amazing clarity of perception, where the mundane assumes a brilliant identity and the commonplace glows with a luminous quality.

(How to Clear Your Mind in 20 Minutes)

Two of the meditations listed below - psychic and auto-circadian are 'fake' meditations with fancy names, but no real substance behind them. The reason I mention them here is to forewarn you against similar deliberate misinformation touted out there.

You can either try all the 'real' types of meditation first before deciding on one that gives you the maximum benefit or simply pursue the one that clicks with you from the get-go.

Whatever you choose, practice it for a few weeks (8-12), before experimenting with another type or technique.

- Yoga nidra meditation

- Psychic meditation

- Auto-circadian meditation

- Raja yoga meditation

- Sahaj Marg meditation

- Sufi meditation

- Zazen meditation

- Merkaba meditation

- Japanese meditation

- Chinese meditation

Most Popular...

Primordial sound meditation

Zen sayings

Merkaba meditation

Satipatthana meditation

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