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"It is through music that the universal feeling of oneness can be achieved in the twinkling of an eye"  - Sri Chinmoy

The article lists free meditation music that you can listen to online.

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Music has an immediacy to it that most other art mediums lack. Hardly surprising then that music touches deep levels of our being and has the ability to transport us to a magical world, free of the stresses and cares of this one.

It is universal and speaks to all people at all times, and therefore is a great tool for meditation, at least for some people. 

It can quickly relax the mind - vital first step in meditation, and center you in the present moment - essential for developing insight, the whole purpose of meditation.  

Unfortunately, this applies to only a few of us. Music can be a great aid to meditation for people who are either auditory by nature or already posses a well-trained mind. An untrained mind (a sad reality for most of us) will get easily distracted by music.  

Especially by music with lyrics. 

If we are not mindful and allow ourselves to drift, we end up being a soccer ball at the feet of the musical lyrics and their corresponding strong associations in our mind. We get kicked from one painful memory to another, from one future goal post to another. 

And before we know it, the meditation turns into a bruising journey across fantasy world. 

For most people, I feel, it is better to skip music altogether, or at the very least, music with any lyrics. 

Meditation requires peace and calm, both internal and external. While certain types of music are indeed extremely soothing, certainly those that have a preponderance of 'nature' sounds, I believe music is a distraction to serious meditation.

While music can surely help in entering a meditative state by relaxing and quieting the mind, its usefulness ends there. It cannot help in generating any real insights during meditation. 

Our mind can hold only one thought at a time. At any given moment, it can either actively listen to the music or focus on what's going on inside us. But, not both. 

Should we use meditation music or not?  

Try it.

If there is a particular kind of music or a favorite album or an artist that puts you in the 'zone,' work with it and see whether it helps in your meditation as well. Never mind the lyrics, if there are any, and stay focused in the Now.  

As for me, I have never used music in my meditation practice. Partially because I am tone deaf and not so musically inclined :-), but also I find it more apt for relaxation. 

A good way to take advantage of the benefits of meditation music without incurring its drawbacks would be to take the middle path.

Start your meditation by listening to music, but after achieving the right frame of mind, switch it off, and simply continue with meditation alone.

As I said earlier, some people are 'auditory' by nature and find it easiest to concentrate and learn through listening. For such people, meditation music may just be what they need. The gift that puts them back in touch with their 'true' selves. 

There aren't too many rights and wrongs in meditation. Just do it the way you like it best. 

The important thing is to deepen your practice over time. If you see improvement in yourself, continue, else adopt a new approach. 

Scorpioz Collaboration

Sleeping Music Meditation

This audio is a great accompaniment to yoga nidra meditation.

Andrea Carri

Moments of Life 

Podington Bear

Little Do : This short 2:24 minute track is unusually relaxing. Try it out.

Dry Air : Acoustic and electric piano with subtle percussion make it a warm track.

Lee Rosevere

Electronic compositions for relaxation and meditation

Squinting at the Sun 

Ambient Ukulele

Xalm Retribution




Almost no music; just enough to bring you into meditation. 

Johannes Welsch


Gets harsh at the mid-way mark for a few seconds. A useful reminder to bring the mind back!

John Kannenberg

Being and Nothingness

Aaron Ximm

Blue Moon Gold Sun

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Christopher Lloyd Clarke is not only a great musician, but also a long-time meditator. His remarkable gift lies in weaving his deep insights from meditation into his music creations. You can get his compositions here (a well-curated set of guided meditations is also available).

I must tell you that a small commission will be paid to me, if you buy his meditations. 

***Profits from your purchases will go to Astha Kiran, a non-profit actively involved in educating orphaned and severely underprivileged children in India***

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