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Meditation and Depression

Feeling cut-off from life and your loved ones? You are likely depressed. Learn how meditation and depression are arch enemies and how meditation can help you reconnect with life and your loved ones

Continue reading "Meditation and Depression"

Depression Meditation

Can't get your mind to stop? Depression meditation helps you put the brakes on the mind's unending chatter

Continue reading "Depression Meditation"

Healing power of meditation

Are stress and anxiety destroying your body from the inside? Get your body to fight back with the healing power of meditation

Continue reading "Healing power of meditation"

Concentrative Meditation

Do you often lose concentration during the day? Regular concentrative meditation will help you regain and maintain your focus

Continue reading "Concentrative Meditation"

Tapping the Source

Feeling stuck? Make everything flow and succeed in all areas of your life by tapping the source

Continue reading "Tapping the Source"

How to Clear Your Mind

How to clear your mind: Pursue a hobby intensely or meditate for 20 minutes daily

Continue reading "How to Clear Your Mind"

Meditation relieves chronic pain without medication

Escape the hurt and rid yourself of chronic pain by harnessing the healing power of meditation

Continue reading "Meditation relieves chronic pain without medication"

Samatha Meditation

Samatha meditation - the first step toward Nirvana! A simple and easy way of doing samatha is to become aware of your breathe

Continue reading "Samatha Meditation"

Cleansing meditation

Cleansing meditation to purify your negative karma and to merge your mind with the universal mind

Continue reading "Cleansing meditation"

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