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"Rest in natural great peace, this exhausted mind, beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thought, like the relentless fury of the pounding waves, in the infinite ocean of samsara" - Nyoshul Khenpo   

These free guided meditations are designed to cater to your different requirements.

While a guided mindfulness meditation can help you establish yourself in mindful awareness on any given day, the guided meditation for sleep will be your saviour when hit by a bout of insomnia.  

Guided meditation, quite literally, is meditation with the help of a guide. The guide can be a formal teacher, fellow meditator, close friend, family member and even yourself, when you play back instructions recorded in your own voice.   

Guided meditations are most helpful, when emptying the mind of thoughts becomes particularly challenging.

The shift from internal effort in regular meditation to external directions in guided meditation eases the difficulty of focusing the mind.

Compared to self-discipline, following instructions is easier and more amenable to our hyper-active minds. 

Instead of worrying about turning your mind off, you simply listen to the guide and follow their instructions as to where to put your thoughts and focus.

As you start imagining and visualizing during a guided meditation, the mind automatically returns to the present moment.

It can't be anywhere, but in the present.

It is natural to enter into a state of deep relaxation during guided meditations, but if you find that missing in your experience, you can specifically practice the guided relaxation meditation, which is a fast-acting antidote to stress and pain.  

A relaxed mind lends itself well to visualization - making your imagination vivid and 'life-like.' And the more 'real' your visualizations, the quicker their manifestation.

As the Buddha said, 'What you think, you become.'

The use of such focused mental imagery, as practiced in guided meditations, is an effective tool for bringing about positive personal change - guided loving kindness meditation being a great example, where evoking love and compassion within us puts us in direct contact with all existence.  

A well-designed guided meditation triggers the deeper, hidden levels of your consciousness by making use of symbolic imagery, which leads to rapid psychological breakthroughs and transformational change. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in guided chakra meditation.

Click to find a powerful guided meditation script for each of the seven chakras - root (first), passion (second), power (third), heart (fourth), throat (fifth), third eye (sixth) and crown (seventh) chakra.

As of now, only the scripts of these free guided meditations are available for download. Free mp3 files will also be uploaded soon.

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