Abundance Meditation

"Give to everyone who asks you…Give it and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, running over, will be put in your lap" - Bible: Luke 6.30-38  

Abundance meditation is for attracting material and financial abundance into your life. 

To make my personal viewpoint clear, I am not a big proponent of 'misusing' meditation for material benefits.

But, I do understand that financial and material abundance, if wisely deployed, can ultimately open the door to spirituality.

We just need to be cognizant of our ultimate duty - service to humanity. So, practice abundance meditation to attract abundance that will help you make a difference in other peoples' lives. 

The meditation assumes an implicit trust in the Source, where everything comes from.

Share whatever little you have, and signal your gratitude and faith in receiving more from where you already have received so much.

The more you give, the more you receive.

To trust the Source like this requires a leap of faith, especially if you currently operate from a mode of scarcity, but it can be done. This meditation will help you make that leap.

And as you change and drop your long-held beliefs and value systems, which are proving counter-productive, you will witness an inexhaustible supply manifest in your life.  

Now, let's look at the meditation steps in detail.

  • Focus 

Settle and calm your mind by taking a few deep breaths, before beginning the meditation. You need to start from a place of mental peace and coherence.

  • Beliefs

This is the most important part, where we discard old models of thinking and inculcate new ones. 

  • Abundance expands in the same proportion as your desires
  • It is not a zero-sum game
  • Feel happy at other peoples' success and wealth
  • There is more for everyone

Look at the things that are currently working in your life. When you focus on the positive, while seeking abundance, you naturally attract more positives into your life.

Financial abundance is not a result of good luck, favoritism or crazy hard work. It is simply the Source's response to consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance

  • Faith

Maintain the feeling of abundance. Keep feeling good. Stay in the positive.

As you continue with the above, you drop your resistance and allow abundance to come to you.

  • Manifestation

For a while, the only proof of abundance will be your positive emotional state of allowance. 

The financial progress will show up in due time. 

Feel real appreciation for what is and eagerness for what is coming. 

Rest in the awareness.

The path to abundance is an emotional path. You need to shift from your concept of money, rooted in fear and worry, to one based in eagerness and joy. 

And as you make this mental shift, the physical universe sets into motion to bring you your financial abundance. `  `    

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