Ascension Meditation

"He in whose heart the words of the master have entered, sees the truth like a treasure in his own palm" - Saraha 

Ascension meditation relies on the four core values of praise, gratitude, love and compassion to move toward enlightenment.

It is a sequential progression where the meditator graduates from generating praise within herself for her immediate environment to feeling gratitude for her bountiful blessings to a self-effacing love for all creation to finally resting in compassion.

The source of our unhappiness and misery is our grasping. Our attraction and aversion to events, people and things are two sides of the same coin of grasping. They don't let us live in peace.

Although both are harmful, aversion is a lot worse because it gives rise to negativity, which further fuels damaging emotions like anger, frustration, irritation, hatred and anxiety. 

Past patterns of negative thinking are well-ingrained in our psyches and we often pass judgments on people and things around us at the drop of a hat. These narrow, opinionated viewpoints keep us firmly trapped in our unidimensional view of the world.

And we wonder why things never change, why we are always dissatisfied and why happiness proves so elusive.

Rather than trying to eliminate these negative patterns, we can choose to focus on the positive. It is difficult, if not impossible, to tell yourself to not feel angry, or not feel frustrated when faced with a situation.

Counter intuitively, the more you focus on the thought of 'not feeling' a certain feeling, you find it gaining more power and ultimately overcoming you.  

The correct way then is to simply be aware of the feeling arising inside - acknowledge the anger, the frustration, the hatred when it rears its ugly head, but then instead of identifying with it, choose to focus on something else, something positive. 

And as you make a habit of doing so, you will see your negativity slowly vanish. There will come a time when the anger, frustration, hatred and other negative emotions will simply not arise, no matter how bad the situation. Peace, bliss and joy will become your permanent companions.

Ascension meditation begins with praise. 

  • Praise 

It is the antidote to judgment and condemnation. Condemnation arises in fear, anxiety and stress, while praise results in boldness, trust and peace. Peace that our lives are on the right path. Trust that the doors will open, when it is time to walk through them. Boldness that we have the strength and fortitude to take our lives in the right direction.

As the mind moves from the negativity induced state of contraction to a praise induced state of expansion, our life transforms dramatically.

By bringing our conscious awareness to our moment-to-moment reality is how we bring praise toward anything or anyone. It is indeed the highest gift.

Praise is the foundation of ascension meditation upon which the home of gratitude, love and compassion is built. 

  • Gratitude

The acknowledgement and appreciation of present moment reality through praise leads to a spontaneous arising of gratitude.

The distinction and separateness, identified by the Self in relation to the world, begins to dissolve and we start seeing the world "as it is," free from the influence of our prejudices. 

Our limited perception drops, like scales from the eyes, and we start witnessing the ever present divinity surrounding us.

  • Love

Realization of divinity clears our mental fog and brings forth the unconditional love that lies hidden within each of us.

Love is absent as long as separation from the Divine, the Absolute, the Universal is there.  

What causes this separation? The feeling of unworthiness.

Love dissolves this barrier, which is nothing but one more of ego’s limiting beliefs, and you begin to recognize your already existing oneness with the Universal Self.

  • Compassion

When you are well established in praise, gratitude and love, compassion flows automatically. It becomes your natural state of being. 

You become compassionate toward yourself and toward others. It manifests as your desire to raise the consciousness of the lesser evolved, who are still caught up in suffering due to deluded thinking.

At this stage, life begins anew.

Ascension meditation makes you aware of what you already have. The four qualities of praise, gratitude, love and compassion are an inherent part of your being. They just need to be rediscovered.  

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