Dalai Lama Quotes

His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama quotes extensively on happiness and how we can achieve it in our daily lives.

He is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and the most well-known representative of Buddhism in the world today.

The snippets selected here are the ones that touched me most during my readings. I hope you find them as powerful as I did. 

"The ultimate purpose is to serve and benefit the world"

"We must always maintain the supremacy of compassion over ideology"

"All the different religions of the world are needed to enrich human experience and world civilization. Our human minds, with all their variety, need different approaches to peace and happiness"

"I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. From the moment of birth, every human being wants happiness and does not want suffering" 

"From my own limited experience I have found that the greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion"

"What we think and do in our own lives is of extreme importance as it affects everything we are connected to"

"The higher the level of knowledge and power, the greater must be our sense of moral responsibility"

"Understanding of process enables a person to gain control of that process or to gain freedom from being controlled by it"

"The great benefit of science is that it can contribute tremendously to the alleviation of suffering at the physical level, but it is only through the cultivation of the qualities of the human heart and the transformation of our attitudes that we can begin to address and overcome our mental suffering"

"Perhaps the most important point is to ensure that science never becomes divorced from the basic human feeling of empathy with our fellow beings"

"Along with selfishness, anger is one of the most serious problems facing the world today"

"If the mind is tranquil and occupied with positive thoughts, the body will not easily fall prey to disease"

"Inter-dependence, of course, is a fundamental law of nature. It is because our own human existence is so dependent on the help of others that our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence. Therefore we need a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for the welfare of others"

"When it comes to validating the truth of a claim, Buddhism accords greatest authority to experience, with reason second and scripture last"

"All things and events, whether material, mental, or even abstract concepts like time, are devoid of objective, independent existence"

"Things and events are 'empty' in that they do not possess any immutable essence, intrinsic reality, or absolute 'being' that affords independence. This fundamental truth of 'the way things really are' is described in Buddhist writings as 'emptiness' or shunyata in Sanskrit"

"I believe that constant effort, tireless effort, pursuing clear goals with sincere effort is the only way"

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