Fourth Chakra Meditation

"The quintessence of air is to be visualized as a glowing speck of smoky grey, symbolized by the mantra Yam. Deep meditation here gives one control over the Air element" - Gheranda Samhita

Fourth chakra meditation builds a bridge between your physical and spiritual dimensions by activating and opening your heart or love chakra. 

The Sanskrit name for the chakra is Anahata or 'un-struck' - some scholars call it the place of the unstruck sound because 'the heart sings without having to be played.'

Located in the middle of the chakra system, it leads to a step-change from the 'grounded,' three lower chakras to the 'lofty,' three higher chakras.      

Even the element of the Fourth chakra, Air, is 'subtle' and invisible compared to its 'grosser' companions Earth, Water and Fire from the lower chakras. Prana or the vital life-force resides in the heart chakra. 

The color of nature, Green, is the color of the chakra, and a twelve petalled lotus in the centre of the chest guards the chakra's beej mantra, Yam. 

Anahata chakra controls heart and lungs as well as shoulders, arms and chest. An unbalanced chakra could lead to coronary conditions, bronchitis, asthma, shoulder and upper back pain and even lung and breast cancer. 

All love and compassion is experienced from your anahata or heart chakra.

A blockage here could result in withdrawal from people and from real connection. It makes you judgmental and shy away from intimacy. It bars the connection between your body and your mind and may even arrest your spiritual connection with God or the higher power.

On the other hand, an overactive heart chakra may find you stuck in a one-sided, dysfunctional relationship where you have lost all your sense of individuality and independence.

The following fourth chakra meditations will help you unplug your heart chakra and get a 'change of air' to bring your life back into balance.

Awaken the Anahata Chakra

  • Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture
  • Visualize an emerald-green chakra spinning slowly in the centre of your chest
  • Imagine the chakra radiating a circle of green light that fills your chest and melts away all the hardness
  • Feel warm waves of love and compassion emanating from the chakra filling up your whole body  
  • Meditate like this for 20-30 minutes

YAM Meditation

The beej sound or mantra of the Air element is YAM (pronounced as yum). Chanting this mantra helps activate the chakra.

  • Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture
  • Prop the image at the top of this page in front of you, slightly below eye level
  • With half-closed eyes gaze at the twelve red petals at the outer edge of the picture in a clockwise fashion
  • After a few rotations, move attention to the six-pointed star referring to the six directions - up, down, forward, backward, left and right. The two triangles symbolize Shiv and Shakti 
  • Next look at the kasturi mrig or musk deer, who according to Indian legend vainly searches around for the scent coming from his own body - akin to our futile search for happiness that already exists within our heart
  • Silently chant the seed mantra, YAM
  • Meditate for 20 to 30 minutes

Vaayu or Air Meditation    

  • Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture
  • Make Vaayu (Air) Mudra by folding the index finger to the base of the thumb, and press the back of the middle phalange with the thumb. Keep the other three fingers straight
  • Straighten the back and relax your shoulders 
  • Keep the head evenly balanced and tuck your chin slightly inwards
  • Close your eyes
  • Visualize free flowing air - better still, sit outdoors or close to a window where you can feel the breeze on your skin
  • Let go of all hurt, negative emotions, shame, guilt, bitterness and offer them to the element Air 
  • Imagine the air blowing them away to the four corners of the world 
  • Feel unburdened of the baggage and experience an 'airy' lightness   
  • Visualize a dropping of all mental limitations and an unshackling of your spirit - let your spirit soar  
  • Continue meditating for at least 20 minutes

Fourth chakra meditation on the anahata chakra opens your heart and prepares you for metta or 'loving kindness' meditation - one of the most important Buddhist meditation practices. 

Following external instructions, as provided in heart chakra guided meditation, can be an easier way of doing fourth chakra meditation. 

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