Laughter Meditation

"When you have a heartfelt belly laugh, all parts of your being - the physiological, the psychological, the spiritual - they all vibrate in one single tune, they all vibrate in harmony" - Osho 

Laughter meditation is probably the easiest of all meditations. There is nothing to focus on, as one needs to in object focused meditation, nothing to chant, like in primordial sound meditation, and nothing to visualize, like you do in the chakra meditation technique.

You just laugh. 

To do this meditation all you have to do is to simply start laughing. It feels strange at first, as it is not easy to start laughing like a maniac without a trigger or an event to provoke laughter. 

But, that is exactly what you need to do. Feels unnatural, doesn't it?

It is unfortunate that society conditions us to repress our emotions so much that both laughing and crying seem odd to us. But, what could be more natural than laughter?

In fact, we are unique in the whole universe when it comes to laughter. I say that because so far, only humans are known to have the capacity to laugh. 

Mark Twain once said, "Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand."

And studies have now shown that laughter lowers stress, boosts the immune system, and can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It may even aid digestion. Pretty similar benefits to what you would expect from doing regular meditation.

The meditation has three parts - stretching, laughter and stillness.

The best time to do it is in the morning on an empty stomach. But, if you can't find time in the morning, you can do it before lunch or dinner. 

How to do laughter meditation

Stretching (1-2 minutes)

  • Stretch your whole body by standing on your toes while pulling the arms above your head with fingers of the two hands intertwined
  • Loosen and stretch the muscles of your jaws and face - a yawn or two will help

Laughing (5 minutes)

  • Gently turn the corners of your mouth upward and start smiling softly
  • Broaden your smile and start laughing without exerting any force
  • Deepen your laughter so you feel it from your belly 
  • Try and laugh 'with' yourself or a partner, but not 'at' or 'about' someone or something
  • Bring mindful awareness to the moment of laughter - whatever you experience in the moment laugh with it

Stillness (5 minutes)

  • Stop laughing and close your eyes
  • Still your body - find a place to sit, if you were standing while laughing 
  • Become aware of the silence
  • Ignore any thoughts that may arise and instead shift focus to any feelings or sensations in your body   

Practice laughter meditation daily for at least a month to see its positive effects manifest in your life.  

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