Psychic Meditation and the Futility of 'Powers'

"Even mosquitoes can walk on water. Do you want to be a mosquito?" - Spiritual master

A lot of people hanker after psychic meditation as if it were a panacea for everything ailing them and a magnet for attracting good luck and abundance into their lives.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no such thing as psychic meditation, at least not in the sense that many people take it to be.

The dictionary meaning of psychic is

  1. something relating to, affecting or influenced by the human mind or psyche, and
  2. capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy

The latter meaning is what most people have in mind when they speak about psychic meditation. It is expected to magically endow people with the ability to sense events and other people's intentions beforehand. 

The desire to know the future is an innate human trait and admittedly, a tough one to overcome.

Acquiring the extraordinary ability to peep into the future can be very enticing indeed and often leads people astray from their spiritual path.

I will explain in a bit.

Some people are exceptionally intuitive from birth and are able to feel and pick upon the energy surrounding them. This is what results in premonitions and extra-sensory perception.

Meditation practitioners also usually develop a high level of intuition over time.


Meditation sheds the weight of our sanskaras (impressions) caused by our mindless and incessant thinking. As the load is lightened, and the scales of inattention drop from our eyes, we finally tune-in to our environment.

We become more sensitive to both the temporal and the extra-sensory world around us.

The degree of sensitivity or intuition gained varies from person to person and some people may never witness any such development in them.

It doesn't really matter.

I can't stress it enough that neither the presence nor the absence of this highly sensitive state can be taken as a reflection of one's spiritual progress.

Psychic ability, if it manifests at all, is nothing but a minor milestone on a very long journey indeed - a milestone that ideally you should pass by without even noticing.

If you do see it developing, simply observe it for what it is and let-go, just like you do with other phenomena. Remember that this exciting state is transient and will pass with time.

Any attachment or craving for its appearance and/or continued existence will interfere with your spiritual growth.

The greatest poison to any meditation practice is undue attachment to any particular outcome. Craving or aversion to the abnormal wonders of meditation will surely sabotage your practice.

Your time is better spent exploring other types of meditation like Raj yoga meditationSufi meditation and Zazen meditation.

Yoga nidra meditation is an excellent way to start your practice in probably the most comfortable posture (lying down). If you prefer meditating in a sitting posture, begin with one of the various mindfulness meditations.

Always remember, the most important thing in meditation is regular practice.

Pick any technique of meditation, which suits you best, and stick with it long enough for the benefits to manifest fully.

May you become a great psychic (kidding)!

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