Trapped? Get Free and Find Success by Tapping the Source

"When you tap in to the source, everything flows and you are successful in all aspects of your life" - Marilyn Tam

Tapping the source involves moving out of your head and into your heart to find the source of true happiness. 

The heart is the main organ of our physical body, its continuous beating crucial to our survival. It is also the centerpiece of our astral body

We have seven major chakras starting from the base of the spine (root chakra or mooladhara) to the crown of the head (sahasrara). The heart chakra lies in-between the three upper and the three lower chakras. 

Rather than balance each chakra individually, if you focus on balancing the heart chakra alone, the remaining chakras get aligned automatically. 

This is so because the 'heart region' covers an area much bigger than the physical size of the heart and encompasses the entire body, including all other chakras. In fact, certain meditative practices consider the heart region more prominent than even the mind region.

They believe that since the heart pumps blood out to every cell in the body, meditating on the heart is the most effective way of bringing positive change to your entire being. 

So, how do I start tapping the source?

Become mindful of the breath 

  • Breathe naturally through your nose without trying to manipulate the breath in any way 
  • Focus on the triangular area between your upper lip and the nostril
  • Experience the sensation of cool air on every inhale
  • Experience the sensation of warm air on every exhale
  • Continue doing it for two minutes

Meditate on your heart

  • Visualize an emerald-green chakra spinning slowly in the centre of your chest
  • Imagine the chakra radiating a circle of green light that fills your chest and melts away all the hardness
  • Feel warm waves of love and compassion emanating from the chakra filling up your whole body
  • Next, see these waves of love and compassion radiating out to all beings in the universe
  • Meditate like this for 20-30 minutes

Stay in the present 

  • Life happens in the now. Past is gone. Future is not here yet
  • Tapping the source can only happen in the present. You have to be 'here' in order to connect to the source 
  • If you let your mind wander in the past or in the future, you will miss your chance to make a connection with the source

What happens once I tap the source?

Magic. I am afraid, but no better world comes to mind to describe the experience.

Coincidences, rather synchronicities, will become a regular part of your life. Expect to find help at every turn. Whatever it is you are seek will manifest itself in your environment. You will just have to be attentive enough to see it.

You will realize that you are neither alone nor abandoned, but well-loved and cared for at all times. The source or the universal consciousness will support you on your chosen path. It will guide you and direct you, if you are just open enough to receive its help.

How will I know I have tapped the source?

The moment you feel one with all existence, even fleetingly, is the moment in which you'd have tapped the source. It is your connection to everyone and everything in this universe. 

The feeling of oneness, connectedness and of being something larger than your own body and mind is one of transcendence. It is the same feeling that yogis aspire for.

There is no reason to worry if you find this feeling missing from your experience.

Although the connection may not be obvious to you in the beginning, meditating on the heart chakra invariably connects you to the source. Over time and with practice the feeling of oneness and of transcendence will become an integral part of your daily experience.

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