Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation

"Profound and tranquil, free from complexity, uncompounded luminous clarity, beyond the mind of conceptual ideas; this is the depth of the mind of the Victorious Ones" - Nyoshul Khenpo 

Use the third eye chakra guided meditation for activating your sixth chakra, which governs your intellect, imagination and visualization.

With its element as 'Light,' it signifies 'command' or ajna (Sanskrit name for the chakra).

Basics first

  • Record these instructions in your own voice or ask someone you trust to read them to you while you meditate. Do it at a slow pace
  • Take a long pause (5-10 seconds) between two paragraphs
  • Begin by sitting in your normal meditation posture - preferably cross legged on the floor, and if that's difficult, sit on a chair with your back and your shoulders straight
  • Alternatively, you could lie down on the floor (as is done in yoga nidra meditation), but you run the risk of dozing off
  • Take a few deep breaths and calm your body and mind
  • Close your eyes
  • Listen to the directions and follow them (pardon me for stating the obvious)

Third eye chakra guided meditation script

  1. Take a long and deep breath. As you exhale, move attention to the centre of your forehead, in-between the brows and just above the brow line, and imagine an indigo-blue chakra. The dark indigo glow of the chakra illuminates your mind and then spreads to the rest of your body. 
  2. Imagine an entrance to your mind through the third eye. You open the door and walk into an empty room. Feel free to decorate the room any way you like - choose your color, decor, look and feel.   
  3. Make it suit your tastes exactly, so that it becomes your personal sanctuary. 
  4. Find the most comfortable spot in the room and sit down.
  5. You look out onto the world from there. Bring into focus the same thoughts, issues, situations and ideas that occupy your day-to-day life. You silently contemplate upon them.
  6. Now see your sixth chakra spinning and gaining strength. As it spins faster, the chakra's indigo light washes over you and pervades every cell, every pore in your body.
  7. Breathe deeply and feel the energy bursting forth from your third eye as rays of dazzling deep blue light. 
  8. Rest in this awareness. 
  9. Gently stand up and walk to the door through which you entered the room. Walk out and look back at your inner sanctuary and feel one with it.
  10. When you are ready, open your eyes and arise.  

A free third eye chakra guided meditation mp3 for download is a work-in-progress and should be available on the site soon. Until then, I hope the guided meditation script above serves you well. 

Do let me know how it worked for you by writing to me or by leaving your comments and feedback below.  

Also, sixth chakra meditation discusses three different meditation techniques that can help open and balance your ajna chakra. 

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