3 Reasons Why You Must Do Visualization Meditation

"Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms. Atoms are made out of energy. And energy is made out of consciousness" - John Assaraf

Think of a car. What do you see?

It is important you answer that question if you wish to understand the importance of visualization meditation.

Did you see the word car in your mind or did you see an actual image or picture of a car?

I bet you saw the latter.

This kind of memory recall goes back to our childhood when we learned by associating words to images. Or in certain cases to one of the other four senses of touch, smell, taste or hearing. These stored associations is what our mind refers back to whenever the corresponding words pop up in our daily lives.

This amazing ability of our brain to selectively access past memories allows us to quickly sift through millions of stimuli in our environment and hone in on the things we need.

The same principle is at work when you walk into a parking lot with hundreds of cars and are still able to spot yours in a few seconds.

  • You think in pictures

Visualization meditation allows you to reverse engineer this process by feeding images/associations into your brain that it then works to find in the real world.

Our brain is unable to distinguish between real events and perceived events. The same set of neurons fire in the brain whether you are actually witnessing an event or only imagining it in your mind.

Creative visualization leads the brain into believing an event is actually occurring. This sets in motion a sub-conscious process that seeks to manifest the images seen in the visualization into the real world

  • You vibrate in harmony with everything similar to what you have on mind

This matching of frequency or resonance attracts good or bad situations or people or events toward you depending on your own positive or negative tilt toward life.

Through repeated visualization, you can implant a desired image into your mind. Your mind then consciously searches for things that can help you achieve your desire. It is programmed to scan over and ignore everything else.

Bringing focused attention to your desired image gets every cell in your body vibrating at the same level as every physical and non physical object in the universe that is congruent  with that image.

A cosmic dance ensues that propels you and everything you need to achieve your goals toward each other. Serendipity occurs often and you start finding yourself in the right place at the right time. Things begin to come together in a fascinating way to push you forward toward your goals.

You soon realize that not only are you provided the opportunities for success, but also given the tools required to make the most of those opportunities.

  • Unconscious competency brings mastery

Professional tennis players know this only too well.

Can you imagine returning a ball hurtling toward you at 160mph? Most people will not even see the ball whizz past them.

But pros not only manage to get the ball back into the opponent's court, but can also do it well enough to  win the point.

This is unconscious competence.

Years of practice and hitting thousands of balls every week gives them the muscle memory to respond without thinking. Their body automatically knows what to do without needing the mind to instruct it first.

Similarly, when you visualize the success you want over and over again, you essentially train the 'brain muscle' to find ways to achieve that success. It works at the sub-conscious level constantly, without needing direct input from the conscious level, to make your dream a reality.

To summarize, visualization meditation is hard to ignore because:

  1. Mind only thinks and believes in pictures
  2. What is inside (the mind) is what is outside (in the real world)
  3. Training the mind to think a certain way brings mastery

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