Who is a Guru? Understand the Difference Between a Teacher and a Guru

"I was shipwrecked on the ocean of life…sent by the winds of Thy mercy, a little raft of spiritual hope floated near me …In Thy safe presence all hurt from my hardships vanished" - Paramhansa Yogananda 

Someone once asked Osho, "Who is a guru?"

To answer the question, he narrated this old Hasid story called "The Three Prisoners." 

Three men, two wise and one foolish, were put in a dungeon and everyday food and eating utensils were lowered down to them.

The darkness and the misery of the imprisonment had deprived the fool of his last bit of sense, so that he no longer knew how to use the utensils; his brain wouldn't work because he could not see.

One of his companions showed him, but the next day he had forgotten again. And so his wise companion had to teach him continually. 

But the third prisoner sat in silence and did not bother about the fool.

Once, the second prisoner asked him why he never offered his help.

'Look,' said the other, 'you take infinite trouble and yet you never reach the goal because every day destroys your work. But I, sitting here, am not just sitting. I am trying to bore a hole in the wall so that the light and sun can enter, and all three of us can see everything.'

Now, while a teacher will teach you discipline, virtue, character and humility, you will forget it the next day. Again he will instruct you in the same and again you will forget.

But, a guru or a satguru (true master) will not teach you virtue or instruct you in character and humility, he will simply bore a hole into your being so that light can penetrate, and you can see yourself.

He makes you aware. Full of light.

Teachers are many, but satgurus are few and far between.

So, who is a guru?

A guru is someone who will help you become enlightened. 

A teacher will teach you outward things - how to be good, how to serve people, how to be non-violent, how to be loving, kind and compassionate - and it will make you a good person. But, you cannot become enlightened.

A guru will bore a hole into your being so light can enter your imprisonment and free you from darkness. Once light enters, everything starts happening of its own accord. 

And when things happen of their own accord, there is great benediction. There is great beauty.

A guru sets in motion the chain of events, the internal state of affairs that ultimately lead to realization.

He sets you up so you become ready to reach the goal by yourself. 

You now understand who a guru is, time to find out 'who is a disciple?'

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