Auto Circadian Meditation is Modern-day Quackery...

"The secret of success is to be in harmony with existence, to be always calm, to let each wave of life wash us a little farther up the shore" - Cyril Connolly

Auto circadian meditation, like its cousin psychic meditation, is a fraud perpetuated by misguided interests on unsuspecting victims.

There is no such thing.

Circadian literally means 'around-the-day' in Latin.

Circadian rhythms pertain to our internal body clock that performs vital functions and directs us to sleep and awaken.

It is a natural process that takes cues from the environment and maintains equilibrium by providing enough rest and relaxation to our bodies. The simplest example of how circadian body rhythm works is the natural tendency of most people to sleep at night and wake-up in the morning.

Unfortunately, the endemic stress in modern society has thrown this process off-balance.

As a result, sleep-related disorders are now prevalent - insomnia, hyper-somnia, narcolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness), bruxism (involuntary grinding of teeth), hypopnea (abnormally shallow breathing), DSPS (delayed sleep phase syndrome), night terror, restless legs syndrome, rapid eye movement behavior disorder and many more.

Combined with our need for instant-fixes to everything, fly-by-night operators discovered the chance of a lifetime to offer auto circadian meditation as a magical, cure-all formula for all such disorders.

In reality, it does not exist.

The good news is that all meditations provide benefits that bring our bodies back to their natural balance by alleviating stress and anxiety.

Once the natural balance is restored, bio-rhythms start to follow their normal cycle, triggering appropriate responses during the day and ensuring optimal rest and activity.

Meditation makes us mindful and makes us live in the present.

The constant chatter of the monkey mind drops and for the first time, our neglected bodies receive valuable attention.

How many of us ever pay attention to our body except under severe duress - struck by either pain or disease? It has to literally cry out loud to receive our mind-space.

Meditation reverses this anomaly.

It brings us back to our bodies, to our bio-rhythms, to our circadian cycle, and in doing so, allows us to experience true sleep.

To sleep better, you needn't go looking for a specific meditation, just start doing any meditation; and find a comfortable bed :-)

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