Cleansing Meditation

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, Everything would appear … as it is, infinite"  - Blake

Cleansing meditation empties the receptacle and prepares it for receiving the divine or spiritual grace.  

What receptacle?

The receptacle refers to us, and we have to empty ourselves of our ego, our false sense of self and our accumulated samskaras before our link to that supreme divinity can be established.

Just as a full bowl overflows when poured into, as long as we stay full of ourselves, we fail to receive any grace from the higher or infinite consciousness.

To do cleansing meditation, think of any enlightened being, saint or master from any religion or mystical tradition for whom you feel devotion, whether alive or dead.

If this approach is not amenable to you, simply imagine a divine light or being and form a connection with it.

How to do cleansing meditation


  • Sit in your meditation posture
  • Take a few deep breaths to calm the mind and body
  • From the depths of your heart, invoke in front of you the embodiment of the truth in the person of your master, a saint, or an enlightened being. Alternatively, invoke the higher or divine power or infinite consciousness before you   
  • Try to visualize the master or saint as radiantly alive, encompassing all the love, wisdom and compassion of all enlightened beings 
  • Again, if you can't visualize a master, imagine a being of light instead
  • Trust in the presence and invoke it to help you purify all your karma and negative emotions and progress toward Reality

Deepening the Blessing

  • Merge your mind with the mind of the master, saint, enlightened being or being of light
  • Just as a finger put in water can't help but get wet, your mind also gets transformed into the wisdom mind of the enlightened being
  • Gradually your ordinary mind will dissolve and the true inner mind or pure awareness will reveal itself
  • This is the meaning of 'blessing'


  • Next visualize white rays of light from the master's forehead entering your third eye chakra and filling your entire body 
  • The white light clears you of the bad karma accumulated through negative actions of the body
  • Now visualize red light from the throat of the master entering your throat chakra and filling your body
  • This cleanses the negative karma accumulated through harmful speech
  • Finally, imagine blue light from the heart of the master entering your heart chakra and purifying all negative karma accumulated through 'wrong' thinking  

Continue sitting in meditation and soak in the feeling of empowerment that comes from the purification of your body, speech and mind - the three gateways to enlightenment.  

Try and do cleansing meditation every day as a supplement to your regular meditation practice. So, if you do your daily meditation in the morning, do your 'cleansing' in the evening or just before sleeping.

In case, you are unable to find time to meditate twice a day, combine your meditation with a daily chore and do it while driving or bathing or eating or washing dishes.

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